this is not a test.


(i'm really embarrassing, you guys.)

April 16, 2014 at 10:07pm
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saramichaels asked: Sara


S - Staring Down - Collective Soul
A - All My Stars Aligned - St. Vincent
R - Reasons - To Have Heroes
A - Arabella - Arctic Monkeys

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get my head on straight & get my heart in line.

— pf

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April 15, 2014 at 1:08pm
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Anonymous asked: What was your comment about? The one under the picture of Sam miller?

Ohhh. I prob should delete that comment since it doesn’t make sense in that context, haha. But, I wrote about it here a while ago.

Or, I’ll just copy & paste it, because I’m lame:

Sometimes, people tell me to, “Get out there, and… go meet someone new.”  Which is lovely. And, awesome. (Or, whatever. Because, I’m really being told to just go out and meet a guy.) But, let’s be real, small talk is not my forte; and, I never grew out of the whole quietly-observing-thing.

Plus, come on, I recently thought about taking the aforementioned advice, and was like, “Yes, ok, I’m actually going to talk to this latecomer at this concert. Because. Reasons.” And, the minute I convinced myself to go over? The friend-who-dragged-me-to-said-concert leaned toward me and told me I was looking at the lead singer of the headlining band. So. Yeah.

I quit, you guys. I quit.

(Again, I’m so lame. Apologies, hahaha.

But, Miller was standing in the middle of the crowd… how was I supposed to know?)

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"Loud" (acoustic)

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Why did he have to be the lead singer in a band again?
Oh well. Still glad I had a friend who dragged me to that PF show.

Why did he have to be the lead singer in a band again?

Oh well. Still glad I had a friend who dragged me to that PF show.

April 14, 2014 at 9:47pm
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rivers in the wasteland | @needtobreathe #thebest

rivers in the wasteland | @needtobreathe #thebest

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Twitter / CdnTireCtr

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